Light bright transparent LED displays with a twist

The Curved series is a highly transparent display that can be custom designed to form the convex or concave curve you require for your display. These innovative curved displays make a lasting impression that make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Fully customizable to meet your precise needs

The highly customizable ClearLED Curved series can be customized to meet the exact degree of curve your display calls for. Curved panels are pre-designed and consist of either multiple panels that clip together to form a tall curve or one single large curved panel. The series is carefully designed at the ClearLED manufacturing plant and shipped pre-formed.

Technically superior

ClearLED Curved series is highly transparent, exceedingly bright, offers pixel pitch from 3.91x7.81mm to 7.81x7.81mm, and is easy to assemble. Light strips are easy to replace when needed and its frames are lightweight for easy transportation.

Stand-alone or integrate with ClearLED Wall

The ClearLED Curved series can be used to create a highly unique and innovative transparent display based on curved panels. The Curved series can also be integrated into a ClearLED Wall or Cylinder system to create a high-impact display. 

Model Number      
Unit Size Custom Custom Custom
Weight 13 kgs/m²
28.67 lbs/m²
13 kgs/m²
28.67 lbs/m²
13 kgs/m²
28.67 lbs/m²
Pixel Pitch 3.91x7.81mm 5.208x7.81mm 7.81x7.81mm
Brightness 6000nit 6000nit 6000nit
Transparency 78% 78% 78%
Module Resolution Custom Custom Custom
Resolution 32,747 dot/m² 24,585 dot/m² 16,394 dot/m²
Ingress Protection IP20 IP20 IP20
Refresh Rate 1000-1500 Hz 1000-1500 Hz 1000-1500 Hz
Viewing Angle Custom Custom Custom
Minimum Viewing Distance 3,000mm
Life Time 100,000 hours 100,000 hours 100,000 hours
Video Signal Input Interface HDMI / DVI HDMI / DVI HDMI / DVI
Working Temperature Range -10 to +40 Centigrade
32.18 to 104 Fahrenheit
-10 to +40 Centigrade
32.18 to 104 Fahrenheit
-10 to +40 Centigrade
32.18 to 104 Fahrenheit
Power Supply UL Certified UL Certified UL Certified
Minimum Power Consumption 208 watts/sqm 208 watts/sqm 208 watts/sqm
Average Power Consumption 500 watts/sqm 500watts/sqm 500 watts/sqm
Maximum Power Consumption 800 watts/sqm 800 watts/sqm 800 watts/sqm

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