McDonald’s | Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA

Product Name ClearLED Poster
Size, W x H or Poster size 63" (P3L) 970mm x 1267mm
Pixel Pitch 5x8mm
Brightness 6000nit
Transparency 55%

Installation Overview

McDonald's in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, experimented with ClearLED Posters to advertise specials and discovered ~360% increase in sales. Read success story below for more information.

Success Story

Success Story

McDonald's franchise group

Chad Williams owns and operates a McDonald's nine-store franchise in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and is part of a 60-store co-operative. A highly successful multi-million-dollar franchise, Williams' stores rank in the top 20% across the USA.

Digimax display

Digimax Media, founded by Drew Siders, specializes in marketing to on-the-go customers and is the trusted ClearLED partner in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Digimax focuses on offering excellent service to its clients.


As with most fast-food stores, growth is the ultimate goal. To this end, Williams' franchise benefits from McDonald's national advertising programs. Since a big part of McDonald's advertising strategy is in-store advertising, Williams gets to select from a range of paper ad boards generated by McDonald's ad agency for store operators. However, franchise owners and operators are free to develop additional, or alternative, promotional campaigns to boost sales.

In the spring of 2016, McDonald's launched a nationwide campaign to promote small-size McCafe drinks; the objective was to draw attention to the quality of McCafes. This special offer and brand awareness campaign was widely promoted through McDonald's advertising channels, including its in-store paper based window ad boards. Although Williams liked the concept of promoting McCafes, he believed buyers prefer larger drinks. Also, he felt limited by the paper ad boards because they present the following challenges:

  • must be switched out regularly to remain up-to-date
  • are labor intensive to hang and switch out
  • block daytime sunlight
  • are invisible at nighttime
“We want bright digital posters that don't block the daylight and get noticed day and night.”


An innovative McCafe advertising strategy

When Drew Siders of Digimax Media introduced Williams to ClearLED Posters, Williams was quick to jump on ‘an exciting opportunity'. These compact transparent LED posters are available in three sizes: 42”, 55”, and 63”. Additionally, they are visible day and night (>5500nit), and their 55% transparency allows daylight to filter into stores, creating a pleasing daytime experience. Williams made a quick decision to put the transparent LED posters to the test right away and to modify the nation-wide McCafe drink offer.


Unbeatable return on investment

Initially, using ClearLED Posters inside two stores, Williams targeted the more serious coffee drinkers and advertised medium-size McCafe drinks for $3 (a discount of only 9 cents). Prior to the campaign, Williams' stores sold an average of 30 to 45 medium-size McCafes per day. With the introduction of the ClearLED Poster, sales were boosted to an average of 130 to 140 medium-size McCafes per day—and increase of 360%. When leased, monthly profits increased by ~240%, and when the ClearLED Poster is purchased outright, it pays for itself in ~44 days.

McCafe drinks sold per day increased ~360% with ClearLED Poster

Leasing model—ClearLED Poster increases monthly profits by ~240%

As a capital expense—ClearLED Poster pays for itself in 44 days

Outstanding Results

When the national small-size McCafe promotion kicked in, Williams left the medium-size McCafe campaign in place, and sales of medium drinks far outstripped sales of small drinks. Euphoric about the success, Williams decided to place a ClearLED Poster where cars wait in line, and sales doubled. 

The cost of the ClearLED Poster is a small blip on the McDonald's expense sheet when compared to the increase in revenue—ClearLED Posters pay for themselves and generate significant profits. Williams looks forward to adding more ClearLED Posters and continued sales growth

“The sooner all McDonald's stores adopt ClearLED the better.”


Digital posters increase sales

“Paper advertising boards just don't cut it any more—let's face it, they're obsolete at night,” says Williams. “McDonald's is the industry leader, and we need to step up and look the part. We know everything is going digital, look at how many kids are glued to a digital device! We want bright digital posters that don't block the daylight and get noticed day and night.”

Easy to install and manage

Williams loves that Digimax Media handles the installation and management of their ClearLED Posters with no fuss. And content can be switched in minutes—a strategy that will further save labor costs and increase sales.

“McDonald's is the industry leader, and we need to step up and look the part.”


Opportunity for all other McDonald's

Williams plans to convert all nine of his franchisee stores and figures, “the sooner all McDonald's stores adopt ClearLED, the better. I'm ready to take this to McDonald's HQ in Chicago—I'm so convinced it's the right way to go.”

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