Cofco and Vanke Plaza | Beijing, China

Product Name ClearLED Wall
Size, W x H or Poster size 14400mm x 800mm
566.93" x 31.49"
Pixel Pitch 16mm
Brightness 2500nit
Transparency 90%

Installation Overview

ClearLED Wall offers an impactful promotional backdrop for shoppers in the busy Beiijing Cofco & Vanke shopping mall. It feeatures high resolution promotions for shoppers riding the escalators, and its unique 90% transparency allows shoppers on the upper floor to see through it and get a birds eye view of this giant shopping emporium.

Success Story

Success Story

Client Overview 

The Cofco Vanke Peninsula Plaza is located in the Fangshan District of Beijing and was jointly developed by Cofco and Vanke. Cofco has been one of the top 500 global enterprises for the past 21 years and Vanke is one of the world's largest real estates developers. The plaza, almost 130,000 square meters in size, offers shopping, entertainment, dining, and cultural and educational events. It is expected that the Cofco Vanke Peninsula Plaza will become the most prominent brand mall in the Fangshan District over the next decade.

The Challenge

To attain its goal of becoming the most prominent brand mall in its district, the executives at Cofco Vanke Peninsula Plaza knew it must provide its customers with a dynamical shopping environment.  Delivering the leading brands and categories coupled with excellent service, although important, would not be enough. The executive team recognized it would also need to deliver a bright, organized, and beautiful shopping experience.

The Solution

Working closely with the Cofco Vanke Peninsula Plaza marketing team, the technical engineering team at GWS used the Clear Wall series to design and build a customized transparent LED screen solution, 120 square meters in size, 95% super transparent, lightweight, slim-line, energy efficient, and highly attractive to decorate the mall atrium. During the design phase, of the project, the transparent LED display was carefully tested for durability, transparency, and brightness. Another deciding factor was the ease of installation—the entire LED display was installed and operational in just under two-days and its see through format blend beautifully with the plaza construction’s transparent roof.
This stunning display has been greatly admired by many. It’s the first transparent LED display for Cofco and Vanke, however, based on its huge success, GWS is now its official supplier of transparent LED displays. 

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