Chow Sang Sang | Hong Kong, China

Product Name ClearLED Wall
Size, W x H or Poster size 2320mm x 4360mm
91.34" x 171.65"
Pixel Pitch 10mm
Brightness 4500nit
Transparency 75%

Installation Overview

Chow Sang Sang, a well-known and highly reputable jewelry store in Hong Kong, gets noticed with the two-story high ClearLED Wall.

Success Story

Success Story

Client Overview

Chow Sang Sang, a jewelry company with its corporate headquarters in the Chow Sang Sang Building, was established in 1934. It operates over 50 stores in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan and another 155 stores in 50 cities across Mainland China.

The Challenge

When opening one of Chow Sang Sang's latest Hong Kong stores, located at a busy street corner on Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, its management team was keenly aware of the competition in this busy location. Hong Kong retail stores are traditionally brightly lit to attract foot-traffic. The new store management team was interested in out-shining and over-shadowing the competition.

The Solution

ClearLED worked with Chow Sang Sang to install the ClearLED Wall series high-resolution transparent LED display at its two-level store—the ClearLED display has a total surface area of 10 square meters (2320mm wide x 4360mm wide/91.34" x 171.65") with 4500nit brightness and shows off Chow Sang Sang’s media rich content. The custom high-resolution LED curtain display does an excellent job of enhancing the visual appearance of the store. Additionally, it reaps the benefits of the LED display’s unique high transparency (75%), which means the interior enjoys external sunlight, while passers-by are attracted by the bright rich content of its displays. Chow Sang Sang is delighted with the comfortable yet discrete shopping experience the ClearLED Wall display sign delivers and is very pleased with the results.


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