Transparent LED displays—solutions for every need

Custom and out-of-the-box transparent LED solutions

Whether you need to create a custom transparent LED display or you need portable poster units, ClearLED has a display solution for your installation. ClearLED displays offer options for indoor and outdoor use and are available as flat, curved, or cylinder transparent LED units. Uniquely versatile, our systems can be be integrated to create stunning, cost-effective displays to deliver powerful messaging to your customers.

ClearLED Poster

The all-in-one Poster is a transparent digital indoor poster designed with convenience in mind. These portable lightweight transparent LED displays can be purchased ready-to-go (42", 55", 63") and installed in no time—everything you need is included in the box. The Poster series has a track record of boosting sales and delivers a return on investment that’s hard to beat.

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ClearLED Wall

The Wall series transparent LED display is perfect for building high-impact indoor displays that command attention. Ideal for permanent and semi-permanent displays, including storefronts, concerts, entertainment venues, national landmarks, and trade shows, they are modular in design, with high brightness and high resolution, the ClearLED Wall series creates a best-in-class transparent video wall that viewers will not forget—and can be customized to fit your indoor architecture.

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ClearLED Curved

The Curved series is highly transparent and fully customizable to form a convex or concave curve. Curved panels are pre-designed and manufacturing to meet the exact degree of curve you need for your display, and shipped pre-formed. Highly transparent, exceedingly bright, offering pixel pitch up to 7.81x7.81mm, ClearLED Curved is lightweight and can either stand-alone or can be combined with ClearLED Wall or Cylinder displays to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

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ClearLED Cylinder

The Cylinder series is a superior transparent LED display that can be custom designed to form a unique cylinder shaped display to add pizzazz to your exhibit. Each cylinder is formed by four lightweight quarter curves and is custom built to any diameter or height, delivers high transparency, and unbeatable brightness. ClearLED Cylinder provides an excellent  lightweight centerpiece exhibit.

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Simultaneously transparent and bright

Uniquely transparent, ClearLED transparent LED displays allow up to 93% light to filter through them into the interior of your location, creating a pleasing indoor atmosphere for your customers. Not only that, the unique transparency of your ClearLED unit will allow passers-by to see through your display into the interior of your space, while delivering astoundingly bright and clear content—up to 6000nit. 

Perfect for retail, special events, showpieces, and more!

ClearLED’s high transparency and high-resolution features make them highly suitable for in store advertising by delivering eye-catching visual effects while enhancing the brand image and maintaining the stylish design of the store. But that’s not all. Designers love to use ClearLED at events, such as trade shows and conferences, on stage sets to create impactful and memorable stage displays, and as centerpieces in hotels, airports, restaurants, national landmarks, shopping malls, financial institutions, museums, and many other public venues.

Advertise, promote, inform, and raise brand awareness

Proven to deliver ~360% increase in sales when used by McDonald’s, ClearLED is a powerful medium for getting attention. Whatever your message, static or video, ClearLED can be counted on to call your customers to action and leave them with a positive and lasting impression of your brand.  

Leading edge transparent LED technology

ClearLED displays are carefully designed and manufactured by our design engineers to the highest of standards, and as pioneers in transparent LED technology, we are dedicated to continuous research and development. The company holds over 20 patents on its transparent display technology and its current ClearLED series is trusted by leading brands around the globe.

Full creative services

From creative concept through to installation, the ClearLED team designs get noticed displays. We take care of all the steps, creative, precision engineering, content development, and installation. And because of our intimate knowledge of the hardware and creative skills, we are experts at crafting stand-out displays—from concept to finished product

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