Land Rover | Hong Kong, China

Product Name ClearLED Wall
Size, W x H or Poster size 4608mm x 2560mm
181.42" x 100.79"
Pixel Pitch 10mm
Brightness 7500nit
Transparency 68%

Installation Overview

Land Rover's tasteful use of the ClearLED Wall display in its Hong Kong store front advertises its robust vehicles to prospects and attracts buyers. 

Success Story

Success Story

Client Overview

British multi-national car manufacturer, Jaguar Land Rover, which was acquired by Tata Motors, an Indian company, in 2008, owns the Land Rover brand. The Land Rover Series of cars has traditionally specialized in four-wheel-drive vehicles and are mostly manufactured in the United Kingdom. However Land Rovers are sold and used extensively  around the globe.

The Challenge

The compressed area of Hong Kong and high premium cost of real estate generally means that stores have limited open space for signage and this especially applies to open yard vehicle sales areas. Given these restrictions, the Land Rover dealership design team felt they needed highly impactful signage to attract passers-by into the Land Rover showroom.

The Solution

ClearLED partnered with Land Rover to install the Clear Wall 12 square meter (4609mm wide x 2560mm high), 8mm pixel pitch, high-resolution, 7500nit brightness transparent LED screen in its showroom. The lightweight transparent display screen was installed in the front window of the showroom without affecting the physical environment—passers-by still have a direct view into the showroom. The street facing screen displays media rich advertising content day and night—daytime viewing is made easy because of the 7500nit brightness of the screen, and viewing is equally as sharp during nighttime hours (our software automatically reduces the nighttime brightness to avoid uncomfortable glaring brightness). Land Rover is very happy with the outcome of the XW8 LED window display installation.

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