Inventive creative concepts

The team at ClearLED has decades of experience working in the creative arena with LED displays. We understand the possibilities of this unique and powerful media architecture. We are experts at crafting stand out displays—from concept to finished product.

Creative consultation

Our creative team brings a level of creativity to the table rarely seen in the industry. We work very closely with our clients and often visit their site to understand the vision and objectives of the installation. Through a creative process, using our intimate knowledge of the hardware and its capabilities, we construct a conceptual rendering of the LED sculpture that incorporates every aspect of the display, from transparency, size, brightness, resolution, layers, content and more. Our ultimate goal is to create a memorable display that will leave a lasting impression for your audience.

Precision engineered hardware

We custom engineer ClearLED hardware to create stunning displays that combine the best of our ClearLED Wall, Curved, and Cylinder series based on conceptual renderings. Because we understand the versatility and flexibility of our hardware, we can create stunning beauty that is practical to install and manage. Before we start the custom manufacturing phase, we produce images, renderings, 3D models, and technical specifications to ensure you are delighted with the proposed structure and attributes of the display and control systems.

Made to measure content

Our creative team can incorporate the development of creative content for your ClearLED displays, bringing together static graphics and video. We understand how to work with speed, colour, temperature, and lighting design to maximize the impact of the content and the transparency. Our goal is to promote your brand and message to leave a distinct audiovisual impact that gets you noticed. We are respectful of your brand integrity and take care to work closely with your marketing team to remain on brand.

Collaborative synergies

Engaging one cohesive group to bring all the elements together to build a unique display installation makes perfect sense, because it eliminates misunderstandings between teams. We can manage your entire project from concept to finished product, including hardware, media servers and installation.


Quality through and through 

Our service is based on the highest of standards. Our knowledgeable sales representatives, technical support agents, and customer service agents are located in North America and are ready to take care of your requests and needs promptly and efficiently.

Engineered products

ClearLED display units are engineered and manufactured to the highest of quality standards in China. Prior to shipping to you, each unit is carefully tested, to ensure your display is perfect.

Our solutions are backed up by a two-year warranty

ClearLED units for a period of two years. In the event of any issues with your display, covered by the warranty, we will handle the repair, or replacement, promptly to ensure the minimal ‘downtime’. Some replacement parts are stocked in North America to minimize replacement-shipping times. Life expectancy of all ClearLED advertising displays is approximately 100,000 hours.

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